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hey im new..

Hi **waves** im Kayla and im new here...i have a bunch of Johnny colorbars..i thought i would share with everyone!!
_+_please comment if taking
_+_please put the number(s) of the colorbar you are taking
_+_please credit
_+_please please load to your own photo server..like photobucket..


Johnny Depp is Love</a>


Johnny Depp is Love</a>


Spray painted popcorn is Love</a>


Captain Jack Sparrow is Love</a>


Captain Jack Sparrow is Love</a>


Raoul Duke is Love</a>


Raoul Duke is Trippin on Acid Love</a>


Mort Rainey is Love</a>


Edward Scissorhands is Love</a>


Sam is Love</a>


Roux is Love</a>


Wade 'Cry-Baby' Walker is Love</a>


Commodore Norrington is Love</a>


Johnny Depp is Love</a>


Pirates Of the Caribbean is Love</a>


My favorite Johhny Depp picture is Love</a>

Enjoy! ...if you don't upload to your our photo server my bandwith will exciede and the colorbars and all my other photos will be gone for a month...and i use my photobucket with other pictures..so please uplaod to your own server...if you dont have a photo server go to http://www.photobucket.com its very easy to signup! ..also in my user info i have made 3 JD colorbars small..if you would like me to do that for you, with one of the colorbars just comment with what number and i will be glad to!
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these are beautiful!!!

if i use any of them i will credit.
I love you. That's all I can say. I will be taking..
1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,&16. Haha wow. That's a lot! I won't hotlink &I'll credit. Thanks!!! <333
wow. ok, i took 5, 15, and 16. i'll probably be back for more! thanks!
They rock. I took- 5, 6 , 9, 11, 16. Thanks, will credit! ^_^
Those are awesome. I took: 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 14 & 16. Thanks!
ooh! taking # 1 and 6. i ♥ them. gj :)
I love them! Amazing talent you have<3. If I use, surely will credit. BTW, loving the icon (: Never seen that pic before.
oooh! I took 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 12, and 14. I will credit in my userinfo. Thank you!!!
i have been searching for this community for ever. I love you!!!! im taking all of them!! thanks Ill credit in user info
using 1 and 4... ill credit :-)
I'm taking 14&2 but they are all wonderful.

P.S. That is my favorite picture of him too!
Alohar... I love the colourbars, they're fabulous, but... er... what the heck exactly do you do with them, er, please??
wooooowww, these r cool!! i'm taking #5,10,11,and 14! :) thank uuuuu!
these are bootiful! snagging some, will credit
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