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hey im new..

Hi **waves** im Kayla and im new here...i have a bunch of Johnny colorbars..i thought i would share with everyone!!
_+_please comment if taking
_+_please put the number(s) of the colorbar you are taking
_+_please credit
_+_please please load to your own photo server..like photobucket..


Johnny Depp is Love</a>


Johnny Depp is Love</a>


Spray painted popcorn is Love</a>


Captain Jack Sparrow is Love</a>


Captain Jack Sparrow is Love</a>


Raoul Duke is Love</a>


Raoul Duke is Trippin on Acid Love</a>


Mort Rainey is Love</a>


Edward Scissorhands is Love</a>


Sam is Love</a>


Roux is Love</a>


Wade 'Cry-Baby' Walker is Love</a>


Commodore Norrington is Love</a>


Johnny Depp is Love</a>


Pirates Of the Caribbean is Love</a>


My favorite Johhny Depp picture is Love</a>

Enjoy! ...if you don't upload to your our photo server my bandwith will exciede and the colorbars and all my other photos will be gone for a month...and i use my photobucket with other pictures..so please uplaod to your own server...if you dont have a photo server go to http://www.photobucket.com its very easy to signup! ..also in my user info i have made 3 JD colorbars small..if you would like me to do that for you, with one of the colorbars just comment with what number and i will be glad to!
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these are beautiful!!!

if i use any of them i will credit.
I love you. That's all I can say. I will be taking..
1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,&16. Haha wow. That's a lot! I won't hotlink &I'll credit. Thanks!!! <333
wow. ok, i took 5, 15, and 16. i'll probably be back for more! thanks!
They rock. I took- 5, 6 , 9, 11, 16. Thanks, will credit! ^_^
Those are awesome. I took: 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 14 & 16. Thanks!
ooh! taking # 1 and 6. i ♥ them. gj :)
I love them! Amazing talent you have<3. If I use, surely will credit. BTW, loving the icon (: Never seen that pic before.
oooh! I took 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 12, and 14. I will credit in my userinfo. Thank you!!!
i have been searching for this community for ever. I love you!!!! im taking all of them!! thanks Ill credit in user info
using 1 and 4... ill credit :-)
I'm taking 14&2 but they are all wonderful.

P.S. That is my favorite picture of him too!
Alohar... I love the colourbars, they're fabulous, but... er... what the heck exactly do you do with them, er, please??
wooooowww, these r cool!! i'm taking #5,10,11,and 14! :) thank uuuuu!
these are bootiful! snagging some, will credit
Snagged Edward and Wade Walker... <3

Will upload to my Photobucket and use your codes. Thank you.
Love them!

I have a quick unreleated quetion tho. You know how you posted the codes inside of those scrolling boxes? What is the code to make one of those boxes? Thank you, hope you can answer soon!
Took 3 5 7 10 12 15! Will credit!
Took 14 and 16...will credit!
Oh, those are beautiful. I love #10.. *grab*
how do u use those? lol yes im dumb
pilfering eddy
I took #1,2,3,8,and14! THANK YOU!!!!!
omg i love u!
[1] your colorbars ROCK ♥
[2] jefferson Airplaine is kick ass!

I am using number 14 please

they are great!

i wanna take #2....but idk how to creit. ill figure it out eventually
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