Karen (carebear080787) wrote in jdepplayouts,

Request for a Background.

Since you guys are layout pros, I think you'd be better at figuring this out than I would. But I want a background that would work with 800x600 AND 1024x768. I was thinking of using this picture and having it on the left side of the screen facing the right. But I would like the pic without the butterfly if possible. I would like the backgrount to just be black with maybe a little bit of a white outline so Edward doesn't fade into the bg. Or maybe a dark blue would be best. Although it would be AWESOME if you could make it look like it was snowing in the background.

I hope I'm not making you want to kill me because of my pickiness... lol. I'd really appreciate the help though. Think of it as a charity act for the graphics challenged. :D

Edited : the link doesn't really show up... so here's the URL http://coco.raceme.org/films/edwardscissorhands/images/edward.jpg
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